For all owners wishing to sell their property, the choice of estate agent is an important decision which must not be made lightly.

We are passionate about our work.

We are committed to helping our clients throughout their project whether it be the sale of a luxury villa, an apartment or a property development.

Demace Immobilier brings you an excellent knowledge of the Lac leman property market as well as a large network of potential buyers.

We help our clients define how their property will be marketed: very visible or conversely, very discreet and focused particularly with regard to high-value objects.

In the case of first-time buyers, we insist on providing our clients with all the detailed advice they will require in order to make a sound purchase decision. In addition, our funding partners can offer at no cost the necessary mortgage, taxation and financial advice.


High-value properties

The sale of high-value property is an art that must be treated with discretion and rigour.

To achieve this, we provide our clients with all our expertise and our network acquired over the years, specifically developed for this type of property.

For the above reasons, the majority of the high-value properties entrusted to us for sale are neither marketed on our website, nor published in the media.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


Property development

When a client intends to buy some land in order to carry out a property development, we are able to guide him by bringing our market expertise to the table and helping develop a project in line with current market demand.

This advice is crucial for the success of the project. Again, we work with objectivity and transparency.


Business provider

Demace Immobilier offers you the possibility of becoming a business provider.

Many people at any given time know someone in their private or professional entourage who wishes to sell or is thinking of selling his property.

Demace Immobilier is pleased to pay over to business providers a part of any commission made on the sale of such a property.

Our partnerships are based on confidence and discretion where quality and duration are promoted.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


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